Ready to felt.... How do I do it?

I just got done with my FT Clogs and I am ready to felt… Well, I will be tomorrow, a bad storm is coming in soon and the power might go out.

My question is… How do I do it?

I hear to put them in a pillow protector. Is that a pillow case?

I heard to add laundry soap. Does that mean liquid and not flakes?

I heard to set the temp to Hot and Cold Rinse, but not to let the washing machine spin? Is that right? Do I fill up the washing machine… let it go through the first agitation cycle… stop the washing machine while it is draining (getting ready to spin… that is what mine does) take the clogs out and then throw them back in with a cold rinse while it is filling up for the rinse cycle.

Durring my rinse cycle the washing machine agitates again. Is that ok?

I heard to add a pair of old jeans. Is one pair enough? Should I add a couple. Will felting destoy the jeans ( I only have one pair of ratty jeans but I think my husband has a couple pairs that don’t fit him any more and might go out of style before they fit again :roflhard: )

Thank you for the help. I looked around searching for other posts, but about a million popped up and I couldn’t find exactly what I was looking for. I will be sure to print all the advice given to me, so I will know what to do next time :thumbsup: .

I put my first pair in a knotted pillow case, and except for an escapee, it worked ok. A zip-up mesh bag works better, I think. Keep the water level low, and have the water be as hot as possible. I filled my machine and emptied it before filling it again so the water sitting in the pipes didn’t cool off the felting water. The felting will do nothing to the jeans. What you’re looking for is friction from something that’s not going to put out lint or collect lint. I threw in 2 or 3 pairs to try to get as much friction as possible. A small amount of soap is recommended–I don’t think type matters.

Different yarns felt at different rates. Check after about 10 minutes. If they look changed, then check frequently. If they just look wet, they’ll take longer. I just kept resetting my machine to the beginning of the cycle rather than letting them rinse. Sometimes it takes a remarkable number of cycles to get the felting to where you want it. As long as you see changes, you’re ok.

I’ve only felted the 3 pairs of clogs I made, so I’m certainly no expert, but what I typed above is what I did, and it worked.

As far as rinsing goes, I take the item out of the bag and rinse it in the sink with warm water. Cold water causes “shocking” which can make your item shrink even more.

Only a small bit of soap. I have used both regular Tide and a specific woolwash from the LYS and there was no difference in results.

I use two pairs of jeans and a zippered pillow case.

Felting is really fun. Good luck!

I live in an apartment building, and have a pay washer- should I scratch that and borrow my friends washer for felting?

Since the pay washers have to go through a whole cycle, I’d borrow one when I could.

My first experience with felting taught me to never use a mesh bag. I used towels to help with the felting process, and lots of lint got on my project through the holes! Now, I always use a zipped pillowcase. You can find one in the sheets and towels section at Walmart. It’s called a “pillow protector”, and it’s normally used for allergy sufferers.