Ready to bail on my project!

Hello…attempting to make a baby blanket by using the following pattern on circular needles (size 5):

Row 1: Knitt Across
Rows 2-4: K2, yo, knit across
Row 5: K2, yo, knitt across
Row 6: K2, yo, purl across to last 2 sts, k2
Rows 7-12: K2, yo, knit across
Repeat rows 5-12 until piece measures approximately 36’

I am still increasing my blanket at approx 24’ and I am on a purl row. For some reason the purl row is ending up on the wrong side of my piece! Not ending up on the ribbed or textured pattern side!

Help…what did i do!

What happened is you didn’t count the rows right. Either you did a row too few or too many before doing the purl row. The sides are both mostly garter stitch with the one side having the little band of stockinette every little while. I’m going to call that side the right side and the side that all just looks pretty much the same the wrong side. You need to work the purl row each time when the wrong side is facing you, that will throw the St st to the right side. Evidently you did it on the right side this time which would put it on the other side (wrong side).

You will want to take that row out and do your best to decide if you need one more row or need to take another row out and then rework your purl row with the back side of the blanket facing you. If you don’t count just right and have a row too many or few it will still look better than with the St st band on the incorrect side.

To get it just right. You could start the row of purl and work a couple of inches and then look at the right side and see if the bands look the right width. If they are not and you care about that take out or add more rows before you work the purl row so that they look the same as the others. Be sure you work the purl row with the back side facing you.

Thank you! Thank you! Back on track!!
I just was purling too soon!