Reading the WS of a pattern

Hi, I’m Dominique and I am a fairly new knitter. I wanted to make a scarf from a pattern that includes such stitches as: SK2P, SSK, K2Tog, Yo, K 1tbl, and some purling. I’m able to do all these stitches by watching the videos on this site until I finally memorize them.

However -
The pattern has a row of symbols that correspond to the stitches mentioned on the RS (above) and nothing but empty boxes for the WS. At first, I thought this meant to do the same stitch for the entire row but then I found other instructions: Row2 and all WS rows Purl, work k1, p1 into double yo’s. Then on the pattern itself, the empty box in the stitch key has the instructions: K on RS, p on WS - and a little lower - two boxes together with the Yo symbols in them: On WS-k into first yo; p into 2nd yo.

Now, I have no idea.

First question - If on row 1, I would p3, then work the first row of the chart, would I p3 on the WS before starting the chart, again?

Second question - If the stitch key states that all empty boxes on the pattern = K on RS, p on WS, and all the boxes on the WS of the pattern are empty, do I ignore the empty boxes on the WS and just follow the RS since it seems to have its own set of instructions based off of that?

Third question - What, exactly, are the WS instructions? Recap: Row2 and all WS rows Purl, work k1, p1 into double yo’s. Stitch key: empty box = K on RS, p on WS + two connected bowes both containing the symbol for Yo (from the RS) = On WS-k into first yo; p into 2nd yo.

I hope I was able to communicate clearly. It is mostly a graphic image. Thank you for your help.

Many charts are written with an empty box for the WS rows, which means knit on RS, p on WS. So you will purl all sts on the WS except for when you come to the double YO, then k1, p1 into it.

That seems very straight forward. What a relief! Thank you very much.