Reading Pattern

Hi I’m new to knitting and I have this pattern that I can’t understand. Could someone please explain it to me easier please.

Using 6.50mm (US 101/2) (UK 3)
Needles , cast on 99 (107) sts
BEG PATT - 1st row (RS) - *K2, P2, Rep
from *to last 3 sts, K2, P1
Last row forms patt throughout
Cont in patt until work measures 85 (90) cms/33 (35) ins from beg, working last rows on WS.
Cast off loosely in patt

Welcome to KH!
After the cast on, repeat the sequence, Knit 2, Purl 2 up to the last 3stitches, then K2, P1. Turn at the end of the row and repeat the same row for every row until you have the desired length.
If that’s the area causing the problem, would you please edit your post to delete the other information. We may have copyright problems if large portions of patterns are posted here.