Reading pattern help!

I think there is a error in the pattern:
I have 150 sts and row 11 has the following instructions:

K5, P10 * increase (see instructions, page 77), P12; repeat from * across to last 5 sts, K5: 160 sts.

The problem in from 150 sts I am left with 15 sts at the end. Am I not reading this right?

Can you please tell is the name of the pattern and give a link if possible?

Welcome to KH!
Yes, always helpful to be able to see the pattern or even the photo.
Sounds like the increase on p.77 is going to be an increase [I]in[/I] a stitch (a knit front and back or a knit right loop). That’ll use 13sts per repeat for a total of 130sts. Plus the 15 at the beginning and the 5 at the end, accounts for the 150 you started with and adds 10 new sts.
What does p.77 recommend?