Reading Pattern, brackets and parenthesis

I’m new to knitting and not sure how to read this portion of the pattern.

[skp, yo, (k1, yo) 5 times, k2tog]

Do I k1, yo - 5 times?

I appreciate any advice. Thank you.

Yes, you do what is in parenthesis 5 times.

skp is in the glossary if you need help with that. I mean we can tell you, but it’s there…you didn’t ask about that though.

Thanks. I understood the rest, I wanted verification that I was understanding the parenthesis correctly.

Have a good evening.

I also wanted to tell you the glossary is great and I use it all the time. :stuck_out_tongue:

You’re welcome! And welcome to Knitting Help!

Yeah, it’s great isn’t it! I bought the KH app for my phone and iPad so I have KH videos wherever I knit!