Reading lace chart for Cardi: flip sides?

So, I’m working on Wrenna out of French Girl Knits at the moment. I know I need to read the chart right to left on the right side. When I’m knitting along (it’s top down) come to where I need to start reading the chart and do the [I]left[/I] side, do I flip the chart, in other words, do I start with the left side first reading left to right?

Mind you, this is a very symetrical lace pattern, so all it does is put one yarn over where there was a K2tog and vice versa, so it wouldn’t really hurt much if I just repeat it, I figure…but now I want to know the “right” way of doing it for future reference!

Typically on charts, you knit from right to left on the first row and from left to right on the second row, and so on. I am not sure about a chart that starts from the top though, as I’ve only ever seen one that started from the bottom…:shrug:

If the pattern appears the same on both sides (with the same number of stitches on the outside of the center pattern) then you’d probably just work it the same.