Reading labels

A general question about superwash wool label: what does “3/6” mean? TIA

Where on the label is the 3/6? Right after “superwash” or in the area that tells you needle size and sts/inch? What weight yarn is it?

All labels are different. What’s the context for the ‘3/6’? And what yarn is it?

This is a cone I picked up at a bazaar sale. It has a hand written label: “3/6 Forsell Superwash Clematis”. It looks like a lace weight (no indication).

Oh right, that helps. The first number indicates plies, the number of strands it has, the 2nd is about yardage. I used to have a link that explained it, but can’t find it now. I’d say it may be a heavy lace or light fingering weight.

Ahhh. That makes a little sense although the “6” for the yardage still doesn’t make sense unless it’s a code for “1 000 yards” which is possible because the cone is huge! LOL

I think it may be 6000 yds per pound - something like that. Wish I could find that page, the website moved to a new domain and may have forgot to put that one on it.

If its 3 ply maybe it’s this one?