Reading instructions

Cast on 82 sts loosely with size 10 needles. Work 1WS row P, then work drop st patt.

I’ve established through the gauge swatch that I need to start with size 8 needles.

  1. “Work 1WS ro P” Does that mean the first row after the cast on is purl?
  2. Do I work the drop stitch pattern from the purl direction? If so, is that because Im working the wrong side?


Yes, cast on, then work a WS row in purl; the next row (RS) starts the Drop stitch pattern.

Thanks for your help.
I am so new at this. Please clarify.

I cast on, purl a row, then drop stitch from a knit direction or a purl direction?


Cast on, purl one row, then work the knit row of the drop stitch pattern.