Reading charts?

I’ve been knitting a while but was always too intimidated by knitting charts. But I decided to try one, and although I’ve been able to create the pattern in my knitting, I can’t “look” at the pattern without using the key. I read somewhere that once you get used to using charts that you can “see” what you are supposed to do in the chart–obviously this isn’t happening for me! Maybe I haven’t done it enough–any thoughts? Suggestions?

Usually it’s just a matter of time before you become familiar with what the symbols mean. You’ll get it eventually. Some people like to color code different symbols with magic markers. Red for k2tog, blue for ssk, etc. Maybe that might work for you.

When I start any chart that has an unfamiliar symbol, I write it next to the chart for quick reference. When I first started using charts, I had to have the key there the whole time. Now, I pretty much can read them.

It’s like learning a new language, or shorthand. It will come. . . :teehee: