Reading charts help!

I can’t read charts like this: 
Click here for larger chart!
so please help me!

It’s says click here for larger chart but there isn’t anywhere to click…I have bad vision but even someone w/ 20/20 couldn’t see that little thing!! LOL!! try the link again!

Yes, that would be helpful!!

here is the website so that you can see the chart. they are labeled Chart A and b. they are color charts that i don’t know how to read.

Charts are read from right to left for the front and left to right for the back.

You start where it says to start for your size. The section that says ‘repeat’ is what gets repeated over and over until you get to the last few stitches, then you finish with what comes after the repeat for your size.

The x’s in this case are the white stitches and the white squares are the black stitches.