Reading Charts for Cable Stitches

I need help in reading the charts for cable stitches :
Line 1 : I read from Right to Left (right side)
Line 2 : I read from Left to Right (wrong side)
Is this correct???
I am an “old” knitter with old knitting books,long before charts were used & I find these new instructions very confusing.
Thanks for your help.

That’s correct. Think of it this way. When you knit a row on the right side, you’re working from right to left, so you read the chart that way. Imagine that your stitches are numbered 1-50. When you turn the work, you’re at stitch 50 and are working back to stitch 1. That’s why the chart goes from left to right on the wrong side.

A chart shows what the front of the piece will look like.