Reading Chart Question

I am knitting the Diamond Stitch Pullover in Vogue Knitting Very Easy Knits. I have completed the ribbing and am ready to start on the chart. The problem I am having is that I have 73 stitches as the pattern says I should have but the chart does not have enough stitches to use all the stitches. There is a 12 stitch repeat in the middle of the chart, but if I repeat it one time I only get 63 stitches and if I repeat it 3 times I get too many stitches. I am confused. I am pretty new to reading charts. Does anyone have any ideas?


How many stitches are before and after the repeat? Are you supposed to work the design all the way across?

Generally, you work the stitches to the right of the repeat section once, do the 12-stitch repeat as many times as you can, then work the stitches to the left of the repeat once. Is that what you did?

There are 13 stitches before the 12 stitch repeat and 14 stitches after the repeat. The instructions say to work chart pattern beginning and ending as indicated until the piece reaches a certain measurement. I should read the chart from right to left on right side rows and left to right on wrong side rows. Does that help? Thanks!

I imagine for the [I]largest[/I] size that you’d work all 27 outer stitches. Look under the chart–there should be arrows telling you where to start and stop for your size. Just ignore the stitches outside of the arrows.

Duh!!! That was just too obvious! :doh: Oye, don’t I feel stupid. It all makes sense now. Thank you so much. :cheering: I can move on.

Don’t kick yourself–it’s a very common mistake.:thumbsup: