Reading a pattern

I saw the video on how to pick up stitches but still am a little confused. it’s a purse pattern that is to be felted. I am mostly a beginner. can anyone help me to read the pattern? I have the rectangle bottom knitted 64 rows on 66 cast on stitches andd now it says … PM which I know is place marker but Where? Pick up and knit 31 stitches along left edge of rectangle. which is left edge? then it says PM where? and knit 66 stitches along bottom, PM and knit 31 stitch :?? :?? es along remaing edge PM ( this last sm will indicate the beginning of each round. total 194 stitches… ok it’s probably simple but I’m a hands on learner and not sure how this goes and I don’t want to do it wrong and then try to fix it… Anyone please???

After you work your 64 rows, keep the needle holding all of the stitches in your right hand with the tip of the needle pointing left. Now, take a stitch marker and place it on the right needle, closest to the needle tip. Now, according to the video on picking up stitches, proceed to pick up 31 stitches down the edge of the rectangle closest to your needle tip. Take another stitch marker and slip it onto the right needle tip. Still keeping the needle in your right hand, pick up 66 stitches along the bottom edge, place another stitch marker as before, pick up 31 stitches along the last edge and now you are back where your original stitches start. This should be a total of 194 stitches. Place one final marker here - this marker will note the beginning of your rounds from here on in, so make sure that the marker is different than the other 3 so that you know which one is the beginning of round.

Hope that helps!


thank you so much I will try it! you must be a Queen!!!