Reading a pattern

Hi. I am doing a pattern but not sure how to do the stitches. I am quite new so I am not sure. It reads 'inc rib 3 (1,2,2,3). What does this mean??

Hi, Are you familiar with both the Knit and Purl stitches? If not, there are some Free Knitting Videos at the top of this page that will help.
Rib refers to knitting a stitch then purling the following stitch,then knitting the next stitch,then purling the next following stitch and so on to the end of the row, This example is called a single rib but there are many varieties, 2K,2P or 3K,1P being just a couple of them, I’m assuming you are doing a single rib.
The instruction is telling you to increase the rib and the numbers relate to whichever size you are making - 3 for the first size,1 for the second, 2 for the third size and so on…
Without knowing more details about your pattern this is all the help I can offer so I’m hoping it’s of some use.
Please ask again if you need any further help
Good luck with your project.