Reading a Pattern-Please reassure me!

This may just be me being paranoid, but I was hoping you could reassure me that I am reading my pattern correctly. I am knitting a lace cowl neck on a sweater and the instructions read:

"…Turn collar inside out to reverse the RS and WS, and work 9 [COLOR=red]horizontal reps[/COLOR] from chart B.

Work rows 1-29 of chart, then purl 1 rnd and BO all sts loosely kw."

Chart B is a 10 st repeat and total stiches otn are 90.

I am unsure of the part in red - this is the only place in the pattern that the author refers to horizontal reps instead of rows. I interpreted this to mean “work rows 1-9 of chart B then rows 1-29 of chart B” Does this sound right? TIA!

well…you’re a senior member…and i’m a newb! so I wouldn’t take my word! lol

but ‘reps’ seems like it would be ‘repeats’ to me…

but again…I wouldn’t listen to ,e!:shrug:


To me “horizontal repeat” sounds like rows. Rows run
horizontally so logically a horizontal repeat is a row…

Okay, this is what I thought. I’m sure it can’t mean to repeat the chart 9 times as that would be 250+ rows - way too many for a collar! and one pattern repeat 9x across doesn’t make sense either as there is no specification as to which row of the chart to do, so I guess the best asumption would be 9 rows of the pattern, then start the chart over and do the full 28 rows.

Thanks gargoylelib and knit.newbie for your input. If anyone else has other opinions let me know…

I would read it as doing the 10-stitch repeat 9 times for 29 rows.

Thanks for your reply Ingrid. The chart is for a lace pattern which is 28 rows “long”. Are you saying you would do first row’s 10 st repeat all the way across and then start the chart with the 1st row again and continue through to row 28? That doesn’t feel quite right either :gah:

Well, since there is a 10-stitch repeat in the pattern, my thought is that you would repeat that over and over rather than the whole row–that’s why it’s referred to as a horizontal repeat. I would knit those 10 stitches over and over across, but then do row 2, 3, 4, etc of just those 10 stitches.

Is there a picture we can look at?

Oh Ingrid! - something in your post flipped the switch for me! :figureditout:

The directions aren’t saying “work 9 horizontal reps [COLOR=red]then[/COLOR] do rows 1 -28”…they are saying to do rows 1-28, which consist of 9 horizontal reps of the 10 st pattern! So simple - obviously I just developed a mental block on this one and was trying to make it much harder than it really was LOL

Thanks all for your help and input!

BTW: Ingrid, I have to tell you that I think of you often while knitting-in that bright red sweater:teehee:…your signature “trust the pattern” has become my mantra and constant repition of it in my head has saved me from going down many a treacherous knitting path! :notworthy: Thankss for watching out for us newbie knitters!