Reading a graph pattern

I am a pretty new knitter and am attempting to knit a lacy type shawl/scarf. I am OK with the stitches, etc., but the pattern is a graph of about 20 squares (i have to cast on 61 sts) with a block around approximately 10 sts. Obviously I am to repeat those 10 stitches, but I am not getting it and clearly doing something wrong as design is not coming out correctly. There are stitches on either side of the block. Do i read the pattern right to left alternating between rows? What about the stitches outside of the block? Pattern is done in a stockinette.

You read a chart from right to left for right-side rows and left to right for wrong-side rows. Sometimes, when the WS is purled on every row, they don’t show the ws rows. In that case you read all the right-side rows from right to left.

When you work a chart with a repeat, work across the first set of stitches to the right of the box, repeat what’s only in the box however many times will fit, and then work the remaining stitches that are on the left side. You should come up even that way.

Since it’s a repeat of 20 stitches, it might help if you put a marker every 20 stitches so you’ll know when you get to the marker you’re OK.

Thanks for the help. I am determined to make this scarf and have no one to ask in person for help

I hadn’t thought of using a marker to help keep track. Thanks for the help.