Reading a chart

Im sorry if this is a stuoid question, but here goes.

When reading a chart for a sock instep/cuff pattern, do I read each row left to right? The chart I’m using doesn’t have a plain knit row between the pattern rows.

As always, thanks for your help :slight_smile:

If you’re using the chart to knit in the round, all rows are read from R to L. If you knit part of it flat, the WS rows are read L to R. Check the written part of the pattern, it may say if you’re to do a plain knit (or purl) every other row.

Yes, somtimes the chart will have all the rows given and sometimes only the odd rows appear on the chart and the even rows will be worked as they appear (a knit the knits and purl the purls kind of row). Can you post a link to the chart or pattern?

I should have included a link. My bad :slight_smile:

It doesn’t say to knit the even rows left to right but I’ve never used a chart before and don’t want to assume.

Cuz ya know what they say about assumptions. Makes an *** out oh me and umptions LOL

Okay yes, it does include the even rounds, they’re just not numbered. Since the chart is worked in the round over the instep, read all the rows R to L.