Reading a Chart

Hello all,
I am having a hard time understanding a part of a pattern. I was hoping someone would be able to help me out. I know I have to read even numbered rows from left to right but what if there is a repeat in the middle and a specific set of first stitches and a specific last stitch? I have attached the chart in hopes that someone might be able to transcribe how I would knit row 2 if it calls for me to do the 8 patt sts twice?? Please?? Thank you so much!

The 8 pattern sts is the only part you repeat. Do the first st on row 2, repeat 8 sts twice, then the remaining sts.

Is this the sleeve? Which size are you making? Maybe you should give us the exact instructions about following the chart for the first 2 rows.

Just the way you read row 1 right to left, square by square, repeating the boxed sts from right to left and continueing on to the end, read the second row square by square in a similar manner but left to right. When you finish the row 2 boxed sts, go back to the beginning of the box and repeat left to right, then on to the end.

If the horizontal bars are purl on the right side and knit on the wrong side and the vertical bars are knit on the RS and purl on the WS then row2, reading left to right is:
k1 (p3 k1 p3 k1) 2times, p3 k1.

I am making the medium size, so it specified what the first and last stitches would be so I wasn’t sure if even though I was reading it from left to right for row 2, I was not sure if that meant I had to start row 2 on the set of four stitches on the right.

No, start row 2 on the left-most stitch in the chart. Continue into the 8st repeat and then go back to the beginning of the repeat as many times as needed and finally do the end sts of the chart.

ahhhhh, thank you so much!!!