Reading a Chart

I have done pretty well with all I have learned with of course help from the ladies here. I am now ready to try somethiing new.

Now I want to learn how to read a chart. Any words of wisdom and/or advise?


Here are some links I have bookmarked.

If a chart is more complex than just 2 or 3 symbols, I get out the colored pencils and color code the chart. So, all K2tog boxes would be pink, all SSK’s would be green, etc. It makes it a little easier as I’m going along to have my eyes follow the color on the chart to the color in the key versus trying to keep all the symbols straight.

I also cross stitch (although knitting is my new and all consuming obsession). I think what throws me when looking at a knitting chart is I will be working from the bottom up. A chart for a progect I am considering also indicates only the odd rows are shown, I am to purl on the even rows.

Thanks so much Jan in CA for the links, very very helpful.

Yarnpiggy the coloring of the squares is a great idea. I will try that also.

I like Eunny Jang’s take on charts too…

I don’t know if this is covered in the links, but I use post-it notes to keep track of where I am. They’re portable, and if I need to close the book, they stay in place. Just put one at the edge of the row you’re working.

Another thing to remember, that charts show you the [I]result[/I] of the stitch.