Reading a Chart

Hi! I could use a little help with my pattern which uses a chart. I have never read a chart before and would really appreciate a little help from those of you ‘experts’.

I’m knitting a pair of socks using DPN’s. The leg part of the pattern uses a chart. My questions are:

  1. When using DPN’s do I read the chart left to right on odd rows and left of right on even rows? I think this is what you do when knitting with regular needles but do you do the same with DPN’s since you are knitting in the round?

  2. There is a blank box on the chart which represents a knit stitch and there is another blank box with red outline that says ‘patter repeat’. What does this mean? Also I can’t tell the difference between the box for the knit stitch and the box for the pattern repeat. There’s probably a simple answer but I’m at a loss…helpppppp please!
    Thanks so much!

When you knit in the round, you do read the chart from right to left for every row.

The red box on the chart is usually the pattern repeat–the stitches in it are the same as the stitches outside of it. It just contains the number of stitches in the “pattern” part of the stitching.

So you would knit your stitches up to the red box, knit the stitches within the red box as many times as will fit around the sock, and then knit the stitches after the red box for the last stitches on your row. Does that make sense?


So my X’s are the stitches you start with, you’d knit the xoxoxox as many times as you can and when you’re done with the last complete repeat, you’d have 4 XXXX left to work if my diagram was a real pattern.

I hope this is clear. :thinking:

Thank you SOOOOO much! This was so helpful. YOU ROCK!!! :cheering:

Oh good! I was afraid I got too wordy. Glad to help!