Reading a Chart and Pattern Confusion

I have never knitted from a chart before. Although I think I can figure this one out. However, I don’t get how to begin. It says to cast on 8 stitches. Then it says to start the right side by casting on 8 stitches. I thought at first it meant to cast on 16 stitches but then only work on 8 of them until I get to the left side. But, the 8th and 9th cast on stitches would still be connected. Do I cast 8 stitches onto one needle and 8 stitches onto the other needle? Although that doesn’t seem right. How do I cast on two sets of 8 stitches? Thank you!!

Cute pattern!
It’s not very clear from the wording but you can cast on with two separate ends of yarn, one for the right bottom and one for the left. It might be even easier to cast on 8sts, work the right bottom sts until the instructions to break yarn and place the sts on a spare needle. Then cast on another 8sts and work the left bottom up to the joining row.

Hey Jennifer, what a cute pattern! It appears that you will cast on 8 stitches with one length of the main color yarn and then leave these stitches on the needle but not actually work on them until the section labeled Left Bottom.

So if you look at the chart, you will cast on Left Bottom, then cast on Right Bottom with a different piece of yarn and work Right Bottom for 3 rows, then pick back up with those first stitches you cast on for Left Bottom and work 3 rows, then join Left and Right Bottom together to make those little bumps at the flower end of the apple (you know, where the apple tastes the sweetest…yum!).

I hope this helps you understand what the pattern is saying.

Post any other questions you might have and someone here will help you…and be sure to post a picture of your finished apple!


What everyone else said. Don’t forget to add the 6 sts in between the two bottom sections (that’s what I’d be likely to do). It’s cute!

Excellent tip, GG! I would forget about those too, and then wonder why my apple looked so wonky! :teehee:


MGM, I’ve messed up sweater fronts somehow, someway in a similar manner. Experience: Sometimes acquiring it sucks major big time.

Yes, but see how much wiser you are now! :thumbsup:


Thanks. :muah: I am actually making three of these for my 4-year-old daughter’s preschool teachers for Christmas. I know it is only April, but I work part-time, and time flies so I am starting early. I will try to remember to post a picture when I am done.

I have made it to Row 7. Confused again. It says to cast on one stitch for rows 7 to 14 and work in Seed Stitch. However, if I am only casting on one stitch at a time doesn’t that mess up the seed stitch pattern? I am doing the purl in the knits and knit in the purls but it is not following the pattern because I am one stitch off. I am getting a ribbed pattern rather than the seed stitch pattern.

If you’re getting ribbing you’re knitting the knits and purling the purls. When you turn your work after casting on the new stitch, look at the 2nd stitch, the one just after the new cast on. If it’s a knit, then you’ll knit your first stitch and purl the 2nd. If it’s a purl, you’ll purl the 1st stitch and knit the 2nd. That will put you back in pattern…or keep you there.

Depending on their size, these would make adorable coasters.

I understand about starting early. I intend to do my Christmas sewing during the summer.

Hmm, I was using the second stitch as a reference and am still getting the ribbing. I will have to frog and start over. Maybe messed up somewhere along the way.