Reading a cable pattern

Row 1 (RS): LT, p1, 4-st RC, p1, 4-st RC, p1, LT.
I assume I put 2 on the cable holder and knit 2 then knit the ones on the cable holder.

Row 1 (RS): P7, 5-st LC, p7.
Not sure what to do here since it’s an odd amount.

Row 3: P6, 3-st RPC, k1, 3-st LPC, p6.
Same problem.

I’m not sure how to go about odd numbers on cables. Put all on cable hook or randomly guess how many. Pattern doesn’t specify what to do. :frowning:

Thank you!

The pattern notes on the stitches or definitions should explain how to do the 5 st LC and 3 st LPC. If you have a link to the pattern, maybe we could have a look and help you find them.

I posted in haste. Found what I was looking for. Sorry and ty all that looked at this. <3

Yeah, they’re usually in the pattern somewhere, explained in detail the first time they’re done, or in the chart key.

Don’t worry about posting - someone else usually benefits by the replies.