Readin a knitting chart

Good day, all. I have a question I was hoping I could possibly get help with. If someone could lend me their expertise, that would be absolutely loverly!

To gain more experience (and make something nice for my Mom), I decided to do this pattern:

But I have never worked from a chart before or done double-sided knitting. I’m doing it all in one color (so I can just use one ball of yarn, right?), and things were alright until row3, and then I had a problem.
On row3, I did the [k then p] four times, then I got to the k2tog and the yo. I don’t know how to do the doublesided-ness with them and maintain the same number of stitches and everything. Please help! :smiley:
Am I supposed to be going into front then back loops rather than individual loops with two sided knitting or do I work each stitch normally?
Am I supposed to end up with 6 stitches rather than 8 in the repeat part, and just repeat it more? I tried that and it worked, until row 5…

I’m not sure what you mean by “double-sided knitting”

Woops, I meant double knitting, like here:
Or is it double knitting, just with one color and one ball of yarn?

I don’t believe this pattern can be done double knitted which is used to make a double thickness, even with one color. So yes, you can double knit with one color and ball of yarn, but the scarf is lace which needs to be open. They just don’t mix, as far as I know.

That’s what I was thinking as well :slight_smile:

Ohhhh, that’s what I was doing wrong. I thought in the legend when it said “knit on RS purl on WS” that it was talking about double knitting; now I see that’s just for when you turn the piece over!
Thanks, guys! I’ll give this a try. XD
And thank you so much for responding so quickly; now I can get right back at it!

Oh, one more thing, I’m curious, what catagorizes something as lace rather than just normal knitting?

Confusion over confusion.

double knitting is a hole nother bag of beans :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

you cast on the stitches as said. you work the chart. At the end of the row, you turn your work around and work back. At the end of that: again. and so on.

RS is right side, that refers to the side that is the “good” side of the scarf, mostly with pieces it is the knit rows (but does not need to be)
WS is the wrong side, that is the backside of the garment, often the inside of a sweater and so on. Often that is the purl row.

Some garments look the same from both sides (like in garter stitch) but they still call it RS and WS, since you have to name the sides somehow.

double knitting produces 2 RS sides, by looks. And double knitting with just one ball of yarn and one color seems rather like a lot of work than like a stunning project. But this here is not for double knitting, so forget about that piece of magic for a while.

Oh, one more thing, I’m curious, what catagorizes something as lace rather than just normal knitting?

When you knit something with holes on purpose. Lace knitting is using YOs and decs on the same row to make the holes or a pattern. The stitch number stays the same because the YOs and decs balance out.

yup, lace is normal knitting. It just has an accentuated pattern that often has holes, sometimes even in different sizes.

Lace can be between easy and extremly difficult. But generally knitting can be a piece of lace as well.

We just usually distinguish between knitting (regular) and lace because of the techniques mainly used and the looks.

What you want to make is lace in this scarf.

Okay, this makes much more sense; thank you very much guys!