Read a Chart

I don’t understand when the chart says pattern repeat how don’t know when I need to knit just the repeat. I am knitting the Go With The Flow sock in Favorite Socks from Interweave, page 86. The chart for the instep says purl,purl,knit,yo,k2tog,knit,purl,purl with the pattern repeat all but the two purls on the end. How would I knit the instep? I hope this makes sense. I just don’t get the pattern repeat thing.

Start at the right edge of the chart and work to the end of the box for the repeat.

Then do the repeat over and over until you only have enough stitches left to finish what’s to the left of the chart.

Make sense?

If this was your chart, you’d knit xoxox, then what’s between the () as many times as you need to until you have 5 left, then work xoxox.