Re-Using Wool Yarn

I haven’t used wool yarn much, so I’m not sure how it behaves. I knit some practice socks (I’m learning magic loop) using 100% superwash merino yarn. Since these are practice socks, I’ve learned a lot and see where I can improve.

I’m now at the toe decreases, so I was thinking I would not bind off, unravel the yarn and knit the socks all over again. I’ve unraveled and re-used acrylic yarn before with no problems, but does wool yarn stretch out? Do I need to wet the yarn and let it dry?

Some say to wet and let it go back into the original form so to speak. If the yarn hasn’t been knit too tight and been in that shape for too long, I say unravel and use again.

You should be fine reusing it right off the sock you just knit.

I’ve done that lots of times with no prob.

Thanks everyone, I’m encouraged to do it. Most people think you are crazy to unravel and knit over, but I knew you all would understand.

Also, this is really nice yarn and deserves to be better looking socks. I know I can do better next time.

I think it’s an excellent idea. You ultimately want what you knit to be used and I’m sure your reknit socks will be much more wearable now that you know what the process is and can improve your work.