Re-Using Old Nylons

Wow, I had no idea there were so many ways to re-use nylons! I especially love the last tip :teehee:

Re-use your old nylons

thanks demonica. I go through so many nylons thats a great source

Let me add one I think they missed. When you’re working with seed beads and they spill and scatter all over the floor, pull the stocking loosely over the vacuum hose and gather those little suckers right up.

One of my pathfinders made me a Harry Potter pig this past season, from Gillian Jigs Pigs…smiles

Neat ideas. Almost makes me want to start wearing pantyhose again.

About three years ago I fell down a flight of stairs and broke my leg. I told my dd to grab some magazines for a splint and use nylons for ties. Worked great, but kind of freaked out the ER people.

Wow, Ellie, you showed great presence of mind. I was in so much pain all I could do was to crawl in the house (ice, snowing, and three wooden steps) to call 911.

Don’t think any of those reasons would get me back into panty hose, although most of them make great sense, except for the last one, lol.

My accident happened in the house. I had on my reading glasses and missed the first step. I just let myself go, the fall didn’t bother me , it was crashing into the wall at the base of the stairs that did it. Funny, we never thought to call 911 my dd and a neighbor got me into her car and off we went.

Two more:

  1. Cut out the toes of a used pair, and slip the toes on before putting on a new pair… helps keep the toes from wearing out so fast
  2. if only one leg has a runner, cut off the leg, and save it for when another pair of the same color gets a run, then put on both pairs. (i’ve done this lots)

My husband lays claim to all of my old pantyhose. He uses them to cover the scope on his gun to protect the lense, uses old knee high for his own feet when he goes hiking to protect against blisters ( a trick the army taught him) and he also uses them to protect anything precious on a hunting trip, binocs to boxes of ammo. Just a few things the article writer didn’t think of. :slight_smile:

Another use just occurred to me, but it doesn’t have to be for “old” nylons… ever get deodorant on your clothes after you put them on? Rub the spot with some pantyhose and it comes right off!

I have used them in dance class as an arm warmer. Cut the toes and the center crotch and slip it over your head and use the leg holes as arm holes. Most of the time the waist can be slipped over your bust. If you cut them panty part off, you can use it as a strapless bra.