Re: Teardrop Shawl

Good Morning

Another day, another knitting problem. This time, it is for a shawl pattern.

The pattern contains a series of charts to be worked throughout. This is the first chart and commences on row 49 of the shawl, which is a right side row. At the start of the row there are 105 stitches on the needle. The arrow at the top of chart 1 confirms that one repeat of the pattern is 13 stitches (k5, yo, k1, yo, k5 and then another k2, which are the two stiches outside of the bold border but covered by the arrow at the top of the grid) for row 49. I assumed that the bold border would confirm one repeat but the arrow at the top of the chart extends two stitches to the right of this. Is this correct? How would I commence row 49 – would it be k1, (k7, yo, k1, yo k5) until last three stitches and then k3. As I would have 105 stitches on the needle at the start of the row, this does not work. I am thinking that the arrow should not extend beyond the grid and that this may be an error. I would have thought that the pattern should be k3, (k5, yo, k1, yo, k5) 9 times, k3 but the arrow does not indicate this. Thank you in advance x

I agree that there seems to be an error in the size of the arrow across the top. I’d ignore it, at least for now.

Row 49: K3 (K5, yo, k1, yo, k5) 9 times, k3 (105sts total)

Treat the area outside the heavy black lines as greyed out boxes.
Sounds pretty!