Re: SLeeves on Adults Cardigan by Paton

I am now doing the sleeves for the Adult Cardigan.

It reads
Change to 6 mm needles and proceed in stocking st. increasing 1 st each end of needle on 5th and [U]following 8th rows to 59 stitches.[/U]

I did the increase on the 5th row, and [U]following [/U]8th row ( does this mean to do the increase on the 9th row?)

Do I also continue increasing every following 8th row thereon to 59 stitches or do I still increase on the 5th and [U]following[/U] 8th row to 59 stitches??

Thank you

Increase on the 5th row, then the 8th row after that, and the 8th row after that…

So on rows 5, 13, 21, 29, etc.