Re shoulder shapping


Hi there, can someone please help answer my question, I have come to the shoulder shaping on a jumper I’m making, it says cast of 16sts at beg of next 4 rows, I understand this bit and can do that. Now in the pattern it does not say continue in the pattern you was working which was the yoke pattern, so my question is, do I continue to shape the shoulder as in the yoke pattern, or just a simple knit, purl rows,


At a guess I’d say continue in pattern if it is possible, sometimes the pattern complexity prevents this! As it is only 4 rows which will eventually be lost in a seam I don’t think it will be glaringly obvious if you used st st to finish them off :smile:


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What is the name of your pattern and the designer please?


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The pattern is as the picture below.

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A huge massive thank you, I did the cast off 16 at each end, and then followed the yoke pattern as I could see it below, and I guess as you do it, you kinda get in a rhythm, so now just got to work the front and the sleeves. :grinning: