Re: Picking up stitches...

Hi everyone. I am currently making the Everywhere Sweater in the link below. The pattern calls for 106 stitches to be picked up for the neck. I have only managed to pick up 93, which are evenly spaced along the neckline. Does this matter please? Thank you x

Yes this does matter, if you’d like you can evenly increase 13 but the neck might be a little tight. If you’re fine with a slightly smaller neck you can also just increase to whatever multiple is required for the neck rib (94 for 1x1 or 96 for 2x2) and go from there until the bind off. Otherwise I think you have to rip back and pick up the stitches again.

(regardless of what option you choose i HIGHLY recommend jeny’s super stretchy bind off for the neck)

It looks like this is a chunky knit with a gauge of 14 stitches for 10cm (based in the yarn) so if you have 13 fewer stitches than the neck calls for it will be quite significantly smaller than planned. As tight necks seem to more often be a problem than loose necks I would not start with fewer stitches.

Maybe have a close look at where the additional stitches can be fitted? I did this with the picked up stitches still on the needle so I could see clearly where I had picked up and where I could add a stitch, then I put in a marker so it was clear where to put the extras.
If you were just a stitch or so out I would think you could make 1 on the next row.