Re:Paton's Adult Cardigan

I am knitting the right sleeve for this cardigan working with 59 stitches.
I’ve continued knitting to what felt was the right arm lenght up to arm pit.(161/2) for my size.
I’ve shaped the top,(Casting off 3 stitches beginning next 2 rows).
I’ve decrease 1 st each end of needle on next and following rows to 29 stitches.
Now, afterwards it reads to[U] decrease 1 stitch every row to 11 stitches[/U]. This is the part I am not to sure off.
If i decrease 1 stitch per row ,I am ending with a very long sleeve!!!

Thank you

Look at the instructions again - does it say `dec 1 st [B]both sides/each end[/B] of every row to 11 sts’? That’s usually how you shape a sleeve cap.

This is how it reads…

Decrease 1 st each end ofneedle on next and following alternate rows to 29 sts on needle, then every row to 11 sts on needle . Cast off.


See, it doesn’t say to dec 1 st, but you continue to dec on [B]each end[/B] so you still decrease on both ends, 2 sts per row.

Yes, thank you for your help!