Re: need help

Hi everyone,
I have another project.I would like some help. I get this pattern Ballon stitch Jacket, I bought this pattern from Interweave store and this pattern has some tricks which I don’t know The first row I have to start on the wrong side of the work and knit :3knit, 1purl, 3knit, 1 purl, 3 knit, 1purl and than 7 purl, and than 6 times (3 knit,1 purl) and than another 7 purl and than another 3 times (3knit, 1purl).The next row is on the right side and I have to work 3times( 3purls 1knit )and than 7 knit, 6 times ( 3purl , 1 knit) and than 7 knit and than another 3 times( 3purls,1 knit).The 3rd row is on the wrong side and is worked as first row.Now I have to start 4th row, on the right side. NOW IS THE DILEMMA. I have to start the row: 2 purl toghether 1 purl and 1 knit followed by 3 purl , 1knit and 3 purls 1 knit, …the start of the row 2 purl toghether, 1 purl and 1 knit, has to facilitate as I’m looking at the chart,( A 1 stitch earlier start )of the next 3purl, 1knit, so the pattern is not more lined up, It starts to move ( 1 stitch to the right as you are facing the work. I wonder why It does not happen. Can anyone help me? Kind regardsg A ballon stitch Jacket , I bought this pattern from Interweave store, and I’m stuck at the beggining of row 4.
thank you for reading pipa

Here’s a link to a picture of the Balloon Stitch Jacket. I’m not sure if row 4 is still part of the rib set up row or if you begin to move and twist the cables in this row. The ribs seem like they should line up throughout.