Re learning to knit

I learned to knit in Junior High, several years ago. I am now trying to reteach myself. Most I remember, but am in need of some help.
I have a simple pattern for dishcloths, it’s called Brick Stitch Dishcloth. I cast on 45 st, then knit 1 row. On 2nd row it sayd to K4 then slip next stitch purlwise. I don’t remember this. Also when it says to bring yarn to front or back of work and I simply doing just that, before I go into the stitch?
What is making the brick pattern?

If a stitch isn’t worked again on the same row, you slip it purlwise so when you come to it again on the next row it’s not twisted. Juat insert the needle as if to purl it, but move it to the R needle. And you move the yarn front or back as directed in the pattern. The brick pattern will form as you work the sts, you’ll be able to see it after a few rows.