Re-knitting yarn question

I pulled out a sock that had been knit back in April and washed once. The yarn, of course, was curly and crimpy. I remember someone telling me a LONG time ago that you could steam/iron the yarn and re-wind it before knitting with it again, but I am wondering now if it was could or should because the re-knitting looks kinda yucky in spots. I’m wondering if it will come out in the wash, but wanted to see if you guys knew before I kept knitting and bound off (again.) It’s an 80% wool/20% nylon sock yarn, if it matters.

Thanks a bunch!

You can do it or not. The kinks should even out with washing. If you want to try it another time, usually winding loosely will unkink it somewhat. Or you can wind it into a hank and hang it in the bathroom while you take a shower.

Thanks a bunch! I wound it into a little ball (it was just from cuff to heel, had to redo the heel) and it seemed to actually unkink at least a little just in that process, and then I also figured with holding the tension on the yarn whilst re-knitting, that held it pretty kink-less, so I went ahead and finished the sock. It’s just the straight stockinette in the short-row heel that looks a bit wonky really, I think it will be just fine. If I was recycling a sweater or something, I would of course wash and re-hank, but it was the smallest bit of yarn to go to so much trouble for! Laundromat tomorrow, wish me luck! :smiley: Thanks for your help, as always!

If I was recycling a sweater or something, I would of course wash and re-hank,

It’s not necessary even then. I often reknit from the old knitting without unraveling, even things that have been knit up for months.

I meant like a thrift store machine fabricated sweater that I might attempt to unravel someday (not high on my list of things to do though,) I’d wash the yarn not only for the kink but who knows how long it’s been sitting around LOL

And a post-laundromat update, the wonkiness is completely imperceptible after laundering. :slight_smile: Thanks for your wonderful advice!

Oh yes, recycling sweaters; I’ve done that. I just wound the yarn loosely into a ball and that usually seems to unkink it well enough.