Re-knit sock cuff?

Hi all

I completed my first sock last night. I followed the pattern, against my better instincts, when it instructed me to use the same size needles for ribbing as for the rest of the sock.
I’m pretty sure I can just cut off the ribbing, pick it out of the (different colour) body stitches, and pick up the body stitches. Does anyone know better or think he sees a problem? I imagine I won’t be able just to unravel it down to the colour change, as it was knit cuff-down, and will have to pull rib stitches out of the body stitches.


Won’t the new knitting be “upside down” from the rest of the sock?

Yes it will.

I think it’ll be barely noticeable, but even if it’s obvious, think I won’t care. Not much difference between MMMMM and WWWWW right?


Hmm… :?? So the problem is that the ribbing is too loose and you want to rip the cuff out and redo the ribbing going back up in the other direction? What if after you rip down, you make a new cuff from the top down and then graft it to the live stitches that you frogged to before? Then you wouldn’t have that direction change that losnana was concerned about. May be more trouble than it’s worth, but it’s another approach to consider.

Actually, you could get some of that clear elastic thread and do a quick running stitch around the top of your cuff.

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I had thought about the elastic addition but will go with the re-knitting in the other direction. Thanks for the suggestion Jane, I hadn’t thought of that one but you’re right, it’s more trouble than I think it’s worth.
At least, if I can pick up the old stitches to graft, I can re-knit from them. Thanks all.