I need help with deciphering this sleeve instruction.
…rep inc row every alternate 6th and 4th row for 11 more rows…
Does that mean at row 6 inc, knit 3 rows inc at 4, knit 5 rows inc at 6…?

Can you provide us with a link to pattern or the name

The pattern is from “60 Quick Knit Baby Essentials sweaters, toys, blankets, & more in cherub by cascade yarns”, Pattern name is Fancy Flared Jacket. Thanks!

Is this it? It’s darling!

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You have the right idea. Increase on row 6, zthen row 4. That’ll bring yous close to the 11rows you’re supposed to work.

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Thanks for the clear explanation. The wording confused me.

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Yes, that is the one, can’t wait to see it on my grandbaby :blush:

Thank you. It’s hard sometimes, to understand the meaning behind what is written. It’s always good to get someone else’s opinion.