Re: I am new

Hi my name is Carol nickname (Lulu) i did not have a clue how to knit until about eight weeks ago when my ederly neighbour said she would teach me…now i am knitting dolls clothe’s and baby clothe’s and doing some real fancy patterns…and thoroughly enjoying it. :woohoo:

Looking forward to chatting to you all.

Hi :waving: there LuLu. Welcome from across the Big Pond. Knitting makes world a more cozy place. Enjoy :muah:

Welcome to the site. :hug: I had to giggle you mentioned your nickname Lulu. My mom called me little Lulu when I was growing up.

Hello Lulu! Welcome to the board! :xxx:

Thank you all for the nice welcome.
Coastie i to have been called Lulu since being a young child…How lucky you are to be getting a puppy…i have three dogs but would love another puppy.

Welcome Lulu! :waving:


Welcome to knittng and the forum, Lulu!

Hi Lulu! Love your name. Love england too, I used to make it a yearly trip. I worked there a lonnnng time ago in theater in London. ohhh how I miss dear England. boo hoo