Re: Has anyone started to make the Diagonal Triangle Tank?

Iris Schreier and Artyarns have an awesome new tank top in the latest issue of Vogue Knitting called the Diagonal Triangle Tank. Here’s a link to see it at Artyarns’ site: (#P90) It uses multi-directional knitting where you can make triangles, diamonds, and parallelograms. I don’t have the pattern, but I’ve read the article about it in VK. It looks really cool with the variegated yarn and makes me want to try out my own experimental tank top! :study: :thinking: :XX:

So has anyone tried/ordered this pattern or done multi-directional knitting?

I haven’t tried it either but I just love that tank! There is a yahoo group for the multidirectional knitting there are a bunch of people on there who have tried it.

Thank you for the Yahoo Groups info – I found the group and joined! :wink:

Would a knitted tank be too hot for the summer? I have no clue…

Not if its done in cotton!

I have Iris’ book on multidirectional knitting, which is great, but I’ve not yet gotten around to doing the knitting yet :wink:


Is that the book titled Modular Knits?

:smiley: Yep