Re: Granny Squares

Good Morning

I am very new to crochet and would greatly appreciate any help with respect to joining granny squares. Regards the link below, I cannot understand how to join the first two squares. The video at the 6 min 35 sec point relies on the gap between the two squares above, which are already joined. Therefore, how do you join the very first two?

The point I am stuck on is after crocheting the border around the first square, followed by crocheting the border half way along the square to be a joined to it and having completed the three trebles and one chain stitch in the corner - how do I join it to the first square? The video at 6 minutes 19 seconds through to 6mins 42 seconds demonstrates how to do this when connecting the square to a row of squares above but the instruction at 6 minutes 29 seconds to 6 minutes 32 seconds shows the needle is inserted into the gap created by the joining of the two squares above (6min 29 second mark). This gap obviously isn’t there when you join the first two squares together and I cannot fathom where to put the needle for the first time in the first square when joining the second.

Any assistance gratefully received


Usually the recommendation is to knit the hat so that it’s about an inch or so smaller than the head size so that it fits snugly (and warmly). You’re on the right track. Enjoy the knitting!


I don’t know how it got there either!

On the granny squares, JacquiP, rather than put your hook into the gap, you can insert into the end opening. See the video at about the 9:00 min mark where 3 squares come together. You’re only joining 2 squares but the hole to use is similar.

Stuff happens. Since my crystal ball predicts a granny square type afghan in my not too distant future and I’ve never used this technique I needed the answer too. Thank you! You are a yarn fiend life saver. :muah: