Re: Decrease Question

Hi - me again!

My current project states to dec 1 st at each end of next and following 1 alternate row

I have read on a forum that an instruction involving ‘following 1 alternate row’ is not the next row but the one after. That being so, what is ‘following 2 alternate row’ as I thought that was every other row.

So, in short, do I decrease on the first and second row or first and third row?


Call your first decrease row, row 1. Work row 1 with decrease(s), work row 2, work row 3 with decrease(s). Alternate rows are every other row.

So what is the difference between that and ‘following 2 alternate row’ as that, too, would be alternate would it not?

With following 2 alternate rows you’ll do 2 decrease rows, still working every other row. I hope I understand what you’re asking. If not or if my answer doesn’t make sense someone else will do better.