Re: Cotton and Cloud : Teardrop Shawl


I am knitting a shawl (Teardrop Shawl by Cotton and Cloud) and am confused by the edging instructions. Once the main section has been completed, there are 408 stitches on the needle. I have attached a copy of the pattern for the edging. So, once the 9 stitches have been cast on, the instruction cites to work the following 16 rows. There are 24 rows to the pattern. Is this a typo?

When row 1 has been worked, it will have worked the 9 stitches cast on and one stitch from the main section of the shawl. What happens next? Is row 1 repeated all the way along for the remaining 407 stitches on the needle to the end or do I turn my work at this stage and commence row 2 with the few stitches that are on the needle from working row 1? If the latter, I assume I would then work row 3 once and turn my work and purl back again and continue in this manner until all 24 rows had been worked and then I start back from row 1 again?

Really beautiful shawl!
You’re going to work the edging only for the next 24 rows of the pattern. Yes, the “16 rows” is a mistake. You need 24 rows for the stitch count to work out and be able to repeat from row 1.

After row 1, turn and work back across the stitches just knit (now 10sts instead of 9). Leave the main body of the shawl (the 407sts) unworked. Every odd row, you’ll incorporate one stitch from the main body of the shawl into the border pattern and that’ll attach the border to the shawl.

Thank you so much! You really are a knitting angel and have helped me on so many occasions! It is amazing how many patterns have errors in them and it is most confusing when you are not an extremely experienced knitter x

You’re too kind. Have fun finishing up the lovely Teardrop.