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My Sister-in-law is going to have to have some chemotherapy. I’ve seen on here sometimes some references to “chemo caps” but I don’t know anything about them or how they should be made.

Does anyone have any information on them? I’d appreciate it so much.

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Ruthie :hug:

I think they can be pretty much any style, but they need to be made in a very soft yarn and they usually tell you no wool. Apparently the skin gets very sensitive. I’ve made several and I’ve most made them in Berroco Comfort, but any soft yarn would work.

I’ve made a few caps from Premier Serenity Chunky Weight for the local cancer center. The yarn is incredibly soft after it’s blocked. It also doesn’t make me itch which is pretty much the litmus test since I’m extremely, stupidly sensitive.

Just wanted to wish your SIL the best of luck.

This thread has lots of good info; June 2009 KAL - Chemo Hats! …

and some patterns

I’ve made tons of these and they’ve always gone over really well. They are soft and warm and kind of funky. If you make them in neutral colors they can look like hair.

Good luck to your sister-in-law. Best wishes.

I like to use bamboo for those. Bamboo is so soft. It has a tendency to fuzz though.

Hi! :waving:

What a wonderful group you all are! I’m so happy to be connected up on this forum.

Thanks so much for your good wishes for my SIL. She came through her surgery with flying colors and is recuperating very well.

She’ll be recovering for about 6 weeks before they start her chemo and/or radiation so I’ve got some time to knit her up a supply of special chemo hats. The links you all sent are terrific and I really appreciate them. I particularly liked the knit ones that are made with eyelash yarn and look like hair! I think she’ll get a kick out of that one! Especially if I do one in purple “hair”!

ANYTHING to brighten things up for her!

Thanks again, everyone. I really appreciate your input and your care!

Happy Knitting and God Bless -

Ruthie :hug:

Just a thought on the eyelash yarn hats… I wouldn’t be caught dead in one no matter how bald I was so know the tastes of the recipient are important. Some will like them, so won’t. :thumbsup:

Hi Ruthie,

I’m in Maryland as well - St. Mary’s County. We have an on-going project for knitting hats for chemo patients, it’s called Project Linus.

Check at Senior Centers, they seem to have the information. If the receptionists don’t, the knitting classes that meet in the Senior Centers (Loeffler I know for a fact is one, on Chancellor’s Run Road) do.

These groups have been knitting chemo caps for over a year at the very least. Very worth-while!

Hope this helps,

Having gone through chemo last year and been the recipients of some…ummm…ridiculous looking hats, I decided at that moment to learn how to crochet and make hats that women could wear in public and not feel so obvious. Believe me I appreciated the very generous and kind donations and I did wear the caps but only indoors. They might’ve been the eyelash yarn you are referring to. Looks similar to funfur?

The winter hats I made were made of JoAnn’s Sensations Angel Hair yarn. Super soft. They were very well received. For summer, I did some sunhats made with Rozetti Baby Wonder. Very nice hats that protected the exposed head and ears from the sun.

I’m sure it all depends on the person receiving the hats and you certainly know this person so have a good sense of her tastes!

I wish her a speedy recovery! Its tough but definitely doable. :hug: