Hi everyone,
I’m a beginner to start with and I’m knitting a sweater at the moment.I’ve never used patterns before however I finished the back and now I have to do the front of the sweater. The pattern has a CHART so the chart itself has 38 stiches to knit, the pattern instructions though are that I have to knit the CHART over 46 stiches. How can I do that?
I need help please.

Look at the written directions, the other 8 sts may be the edge sts which aren’t included in the chart. Or… See if the chart has some sts that are repeated; several repeats of those plus the sts before and after the repeat may use up the 46 sts. If there’s YOs you may be counting them as a stitch, but they’re not until the row is finished so you may begin with 38 but end up with 46.

It would really help us help you better if you say what pattern it is, and if you have a link to it. Otherwise, we’re knitting blind not being able to see it.

I’m not allowed to send you anything through this side bugger I’ve tried to send you the link and not allowed either. Do you have any ideea how to send you the information? It was much easier to give you my email address but I’m not allowed lolo.

Please let me know if it was a success
thanks pipa

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You may be able to send a link now that you’ve posted a few times. Or you could write out the URL or give the pattern name (Firenze cardigan) and source (Pattern Central, Lion Brand etc.)