Re: Baby Jacket from the 'Baby & Toddler Knits Made Easy' book

I have just purchased yarn for a number of upcoming projects and always read through the pattern first. The baby jacket has the following instruction:

‘Row 2: s1, k to end
Rep row 2 (knit every row) until work measures 13 cm’

Probably a silly question but would you continue to slip the first stitch of every row as the instruction in the parentheses does not confirm this

Maybe. Is the edge to be exposed or seamed? Can you link to the pattern?

The pattern is from a book. I have photographed the garment but cannot see how to upload a picture on this forum. The garment is a baby jacket and there is no border. It is in garter stitch right up to the edge

What’s the name of the pattern? We might find a picture.
Uploading photos is done in the “Go Advanced” part of posting. Look for a paperclip above the upper right corner of the box you type in. Large pictures have to be sized down. I go here but there are lots of other free to use sites available.

Unfortunately, it keeps crashing when I try to upload the photo and there is nothing on Google images. It is the baby jacket in the Baby & Toddler Knits Made Easy book. However, I have found a link to the book on Amazon (below) and it is the jacket on the left hand side of the contents page (page 5)

Cute pattern. As it says [I]Rep row 2[/I] then slip the first stitch every row. Somehow I didn’t catch that earlier.