Re: Baby Aran Cardigan Studio Stylecraft 8361 - button band help required please

I have received this pattern today, to knit over Christmas, and, having read through, I note that the button band is knitted separately and sewn on. I cannot find a video anywhere showing how to sew a ribbed band on. I am unsure what part of the stitch to pick up on the ribbed band when sewing it on. I don’t think I will be able to do this with mattress stitch as the band stitches are sideways on. Any link to video/help offered will be very gratefully received by both me, who does not want to be defeated by an easy pattern and my nephew, who will be toasty and warm in this chunky knit. Thank you as
always xx

I can’t see exactly what the rib band is being seamed onto, maybe reverse stockinette as the background for the cable pattern?

I don’t have an exact answer for you but someone else might.
Looking for “horizontal to vertical seaming knitting” may help with your search, these may not be exactly what you are looking for but might be a start,of%20the%20“v”s.

Sorry if these are pages you have already tried. You might need to treat each part of the rib differently, going in to the knit stitches one way and going into the purl stitches another, to produce the invisible seam (and see where to go into on the rev st st). Maybe if the tutorials help you see how to treat knit, purl, rev stockinette and seaming horizontal to vertical you might manage to work it out?
Maybe try a small swatch to practise the seaming?

I’m sure i had a free ebook on a variety of seaming tips but I can’t find it just now. If I find it I will come back to link it for you.

Would you consider picking up the stitches and knitting them out from the front edges? I know many people don’t like picking up sts but It will give you a sturdy join. You can use the same number of cast on sts as the pattern indicates, just pick them up at each front edge.

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I did think about doing this but I wondered if there was a particular reason why the pattern did not suggest this. I will definitely consider this option - as well as the information in the links very kindly provided by Creations. Thank you so much for affirming this is still an option x

Thank you so much for this! How kind to take so much time to provide incredibly helpful information. The first link I looked at (the top one) provides exactly the information I was looking for but was unable to provide. Thank you once again - so very much appreciated x

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You’re welcome.
I like salmonmacs suggestion of picking up stitches, it sounds easier and neater but I’ve never done it myself, I’m not that experienced.

Good luck with whichever you decide to do. Hope we get to see a photo of the finished project.

I finally found the free ebook I mentioned.
I have not read all of it but I think it was chaper 19 or around there which had some great help on different types of seaming. It helped me when I needed a different seaming method.
It’s here, the link to the book is near the top of the page.

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Just my 2 cents’ worth, but I’ve never seen a sideways button band like that knitted separately and sewn on. Not to say you can’t do it, but if you are comfortable with picking up stitches, that’s how most patterns achieve that style.

Love how that phrase has translated across the pond - I am in the UK and we say ‘my two pennies’ worth’. I agree - I also have not seen a button band like this sewn on. I may pick up the stitches. However, I am still really pleased I know how to do it if I needed to. Don’t like being defeated. Thank you for your reply x

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Thank you for the link. You have been so helpful and I really appreciate it. I will post a photo of the finished item. I must finish it - I am rubbish at doing that as I am always so excited to start the next project. I have a gazillion of them on the go at the moment…x


I have to own up to living in Australia – we did have pennies up until the 60s, so we can butt in with tuppence or 2 cents of advice :slight_smile:

I am sure the cardie will look great and be very cosy. Do show us a photo when it’s finished if you can!

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