Re-attaching yarn in the round

I am working on a baby dress that is knit in the round. I am at the part of the pattern where I am working on the arm hole shaping. I worked two rows on the one side and the pattern states to cut the yarn and re-attach to the RS of the back. Then to repeat the armhole shaping for the front. I cannot for the life of me figure out how to do this. Can anyone explain it to me or direct me to some good videos? Thank you so much!!

The way you ‘reattach’ or ‘rejoin’ yarn is to just start knitting with it, leaving a long tail so you can weave it in. You don’t have to tie it to anything, and while it seems loose on the first couple rows, the more you knit will anchor it. You can always pull the tail a little to keep it snug, but it won’t pull out or unravel.

Thank you! Now, when I go to knit, I reattach it to the opposite side of the one I cut the yarn from, right? If I do that, them I am knitting backwards…or am I doing something completely wrong?? :slight_smile:

You wouldn’t knit backwards at all. The RS would be facing and you just start knitting. The ‘right side’ of the back would be the on the right as you’re wearing it, which - since it’s the back - would also be the right edge and at the beginning of a row (since you probably won’t be knitting in the round anymore).

We could get more specific if you link to the pattern, or at least a picture of it so we can have a little more idea what you’re supposed to be doing.

The Pattern is called Delilah. Here is the Ravelry link:

Here is a picture of my project and where I am currently stuck:

Eventually I will need to re-join in the round. Right now the pattern is just saying to knit for the armholes then to rejoin in the round to finish the pattern. I just can’t figure out how to start knitting the stitches on the right sided needle…

Okay, have you bound off stitches for the underarm, or will you put them on a holder? If you BO sts at one place, then the yarn is at the end of them and you can knit over to the other side and BO there. Same thing if you put sts on a holder - put them on after you knit them, knit to the other underarm and those sts. Either way, the yarn is still attached.

At this point there shouldn’t be any difference if the stitches after that are the back or front, they’ll both be the same. So just begin to knit the instructions for the back. When you’re done with that, cut the yarn and knit the front sts. Then it looks like you knit all the sts in the round again for the shoulders.

The pattern doesn’t say to BO or put them on a holder…

Alright. It’s okay if you post just this part of the pattern because it’ll be easier to explain it from what’s written rather than guess what’s supposed to happen.

I actually contacted the pattern designer on Ravelry and she said to slip the stitches from the right needle to the left needle without knitting them and then reattach the yarn and begin to knit the pattern as suggested! :slight_smile:

I hope I can finish this now without anymore confusion!! :slight_smile:

Thank you for your help!

Cute dress!!! Great job!:cheering:

“…to slip the stitches from the right needle to the left needle without knitting them and then reattach the yarn and begin to knit the pattern as suggested!”

Yes, it seems like that would work or alternatively, purling across the WS and turning so the sts are now on the left needle.
Darling dress!