Razor Cami KAL

hey there!
i found this pattern called Razor Cami the other day, decided to knit it up, so i ordered myself some yarn, and i’m going to knit it up! it looks like it’ll be a quick knit and an easy pattern.

care to join me?

i got some KP Shine Sport in hydrangea and orchid. i can’t wait to see them! i hope it looks nice! and i hope i ordered enough!:lol:

hooray for summer knits! :cheering::happydance:

I want to!
also need more yarn for it I think - hopefully tomorrow.

Hi! I’m new and this pattern is actually the reason I registered here, so I was psyched to see your KAL. Are you guys still working on this cami? I just started it last night. I’m also using KP Shine Sport – mine is in Sage and so far I’m really pleased with it. I was reading through a knitalong people did last summer at craftster and a lot of knitters had made various changes to the pattern, but I did a gauge swatch and everything seemed good, so I think I’m going to follow it pretty exactly. The only thing I’m not sure of is how to handle the straps. I don’t want to use anything as sparkly as the designed used, but I’m afraid the cotton won’t be sturdy enough, especially with such wide-set straps (anyway, that’s what seemed to be the problem for other people who made this), so I’m looking around for something more neutral to substitute for the Rowan R2 Sparkle. Any ideas? What is anyone else planning for the straps?

I’m sorry this got so long – I’m just super excited about this pattern!

I checked yarndex and couldn’t find a listing for the Rowan R2 Sparkle. I did a search for “lurex” (what the Rowan R2 Sparkle is made of) and found several yarns… you might try that and see if any of them are the correct weight/color.


yeah! other razor cami knitters!
i had actually joined the knit tank top KALs. i got my yarn this week, but because of other projects i started, i haven’t started knitting it yet…but i’m hoping to start it up this weekend! i got the KP shine sport too! in hydrangea and orchid. pretty colors. i got 3 balls for each cami…hopefully that’s enough!
i was just going to do an icord for the straps or something…i don’t have sparkly stuff!!

Hey, cami knitters…I’ve been working a lot on this project, and I was just curious how others were faring. Actually I’ve only got the straps left to do – I’m going to check out yarndex to see what might work. Thanks for the link, Hildegard! I wish I’d know about that site sooner.

Also, but I did want to warn you that it took me 4 full skeins of the Shine Sport on size 5 needles for the body of the cami even though I made the smallest size, so you might want to have more on hand before you start…

i only have 3 balls in each color… :frowning: i knew it seemed to good to be true! i calculated it off the stitches per inch on the yarn band she used, then use the yarn band on the shine to calculate out the yardage difference…how else are you supposed to do it when you don’t have the yarn in hand, and can’t check gage using the pattern stitch?

i’ll never get the hang of this yarn replacement thing…:pout:

do you think it’d look rediculous to do this tank top with stripes?
or, maybe i’ll use the hydrangea for the ribbing and straps (since i have all the ribbing knitted already) and use the orchid for the body?

do you think that if i made the ribbing area longer (and in hydrangea) and had the orchid on the lace section, that it would look okay?
i was thinking i could make it a longer ribbed section, kinda like on the orangina?

Well, I don’t know that I’d do stripes just because of the way the lace pattern works out – I can’t quite picture it, actually, but I did tend to like the finished ones I saw in solids better. I do think it would look good with contrasting ribbing, though. I can imagine that turning out really pretty. I wish I had an idea for you! I hope it works out – let us know what you decide to do!

so i ended up using two colors.
i used the hydrangea doing about 4 or 5 inches of ribbing, and then i switched to the orchid for the lace pattern. hopefully that will help stretch the yarn that i have so i have enough for the lace section.

I actually just cast on last night for this. I am so glad others are doing it and I’m happy to see some progress pics. I chose a crappy yarn for this though, but I only got 2 rows into it so I don’t feel too bad frogging. My yarn ended up being too fuzzy, and I don’t think i’ll have enough anyway. Darn me always grabbing rummage sale yarn!:shifty:
I think I will grab my knit pics yarn for this one. I can’t seem to figure out what else to do with it and I really want this to turn out nice.

Wow, I apologize for sort of abandoning this thread – I feel like knitting this cami actually made me kind of generally antisocial for awhile because I was doing pretty much nothing but working on it! But I really like the two-color version in your pictures, Meghan. Are you still working on the cami? I hope you ended up with enough yarn! I finished mine a little while ago and have successfully worn it twice, which is a big accomplishment for me since in the past I’ve not been happy enough with my knitted garments to actually wear them. Here’s a (kind of low quality) photo:

whoops, I guess the photo didn’t work. I’m really dumb about these sorts of things. Here’s an actual link to one, then.