Two. Million. Members! On Ravelry! Holy cow!

There was a thread last week that said it was coming up and we could change our ravatar to reflect the new number so I did. Here’s a link to the many, many who changed them. Some of them were just the link names so not as fun to look at. :wink:

Yeah, I hear that. There’s usually only about 8 or 9000 on at any one time though, and it also reflects spammers who’ve been 86’d and thrown off. But it’s quite a milestone.

There are that many knitters online?!!! Time to write some knitting novels, all you aspiring writers. That’s a HUGE audience.

I am just going to go ahead and take credit for this, haha! I taught one of the girls I work with how to knit last week, and convinced her to join Ravelry! Maybe she was #2,000,000? Now I’m trying to get her to join KnittingHelp. She is really interested in charity knitting and really liked the idea of the oddball pet snuggles.