Hola… I just joined Ravelry and I’m wondering who’s on there? My name is Cypher as well :slight_smile:

Any folks are welcome to add! :woohoo:

There’s a Ravelry thread somewhere in here. I have the same username there too.


That would be the Ravelry thread, in the General Knitting forum, it’s a pinned topic there.

I added you as a friend by the way I love your blog!!!

Hi , I am Ritaw on ravelry too :slight_smile:

Aww thanks! I added you back :slight_smile:

I am on Ravelry but i am grant42.

Sigh…waiting for my invite. Check where I am at in the line about three times a day…sigh:wink:

Hi! EvilKnittingTwin on Ravelry…:knitting:

I’m the same name on Ravelry

your welcome to add me as well

i’m alexandresmumma on ravelry